Added Features

Would you like to stay in?

We feature a 2 pounds of crab, half a pound of cod bites, garlic bread, salad and dessert for two for $57.00 plus HST. 
(or available for one person for $29.00 plus HST)
Give us a days' notice and you'll be all set to dine in our spectacular dining room.
Although we're not licensed, you're welcome to bring your favourite beverage to enjoy
along with your meal.
Available Wednesday to Monday, between 5 and 7:00 p.m.


Enjoy 1lb of cod bites, prepared with a special blend of Newfoundland Seasonings and very lightly battered.
Served with garlic bread and salad and dessert.
Two people for $27.00 plus HST 
(or 1/2 pound for one person for $16.00)

Something Lighter?

2 lbs of Newfoundland mussels with garlic bread
$18 plus HST